Rapid Rural Reconnaissance – Informal Survey in the Departments of Bolivar, Sucre and Magdalena

Subgroup: Extension and rural education

Executive Summary/Description

In 2016, Washington State University, New Mexico State University, the University of California at Davis and the Universidad de La Salle and its Utopia program, developed a collaborative arrangement to undertake an Information and Education Campaign and a Rapid Rural Reconnaissance – Informal Survey in the Departments of Bolivar, La Sucre and Magdalena for the purpose of providing insights into critical challenges experienced by the agricultural sector in these departments. The project identified high priority constraints faced by farm entrepreneurs and their communities as the basis for the design and selection of projects to reduce or remove the constraints.

LGU Team Participants

Washington State University
Thomas Byers – Project Lead
Global Sustainable Solutions, LLC
[email protected]
Melba Ruth Salazar-Gutierrez
[email protected]

New Mexico State University
Rod McSherry
[email protected]

University of California at Davis
Mark Bell
[email protected]

Colombian Partners

Universidad de la Salle
Giovanni Anzola Pardo
[email protected]
Julio Cesar Mejia Quevedo
[email protected]


Identification of twenty-two (22) high priority constraints and fifty-seven (57) actionable items was achieved. A full report of the project and its recommendations is available here.

Project Funding

United States Department of State

Nine land grant universities united in the cause of peace in Colombia.

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