Cacao for Peace

Subgroup: Cacao
Executive summary/description: Working with multiple partners from the United States and Colombia, the CFP Initiative supports Colombia’s peace process by establishing a road map for post‐conflict agricultural development. ...

Colombia Agricultural Network Development Opportunity – Can Do

SubGroup: Extension and Rural Education
Executive Summary/Description: This Farmer-to Farmer project draws directly from the high-priority constraints identified in the Rapid Rural Reconnaissance (RRR) project...

Rapid Rural Reconnaissance

SubGroup: Extension and Rural Education
Executive Summary/Description: In 2016, Washington State University, New Mexico State University, the University of California at Davis and the Universidad de La Salle and its Utopia...

Best Certification Programs for Colombian Cacao Associations

SubGroup: Cacao
Executive Summary/Description: In January of 2016 USAID and USDA executed a 5 year, $5 million program, “Cacao for Peace,” that seeks to promote agricultural development...

An Analysis of the Productive Chain of Cacao in Colombia

SubGroup: Cacao
Executive Summary/Description: Various market options for cacao producers in Colombia were evaluated using surveys and personal interviews. Hundreds of cacao purchasing...

USDA-Colfuturo Cacao for Peace Fellowships

SubGroup: Cacao
Executive Summary/Description: The USDA, Colfuturo and Purdue agreed to provide fellowships for Colombian graduate students working on cacao at Purdue University...


SubGroup: Water and Natural Resourse Management
Executive Summary/Description: This proposal seeks to build scientific and technological capacity in institutions responsible for managing water resources so that they are more...

From Soil to Grain, From Grain to Country

SubGroup: Community Development and Value Chain Enhancement
Executive Summary/Description: Proposed Colciencias Ecosistema Cientifico project to improve soy and corm production as inputs to been production and to...

Nine land grant universities united in the cause of peace in Colombia.

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The LGU Colombia Consortium seeks to leverage the land grant mission and expertise in applied agriculture and extension services to collaboratively help create a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable rural economy in support of Colombia’s peacebuilding agenda.

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